Public Speaking Training Overview

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Ready to turn your teammates into confident, compelling, and convincing speakers?

In this document, you'll the following public speaking training options:

  1. Private Coaching
  2. Workshops & Webinars
  3. BostonSpeaks Retainer 

Some of the most common challenges/goals that are addressed:

✓ Overcome fear and anxiety

✓ Build confidence and charisma

✓ Eliminate filler words 

✓ Become persuasive and influential

✓ Get audiences to agree with and support your ideas

✓ Learn how to structure engaging presentations and speeches

✓ Build body language, stage presence, and vocal variety

✓ Identify and minimize ticks or distracting delivery methods

✓ How to weave story and emotion into presentations

✓ And more.

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Training Overview

#1 - Private Training Option

#2 - Workshops

#3 - Retainer Option

#1 Private Training


Single Sessions: $500 hr/ per individual


5 Sessions: $2,250

10 Sessions: $4,000

The private coaching sessions will give individuals an opportunity to get the training catered to their individual challenges and needs in a private setting.

  • Most common public speaking challenges individuals work on:
  • How to speak with more confidence
  • How to present ideas to specific people (in the organization or outside)
  • How to handle high-stakes situations
  • How to hone one's presence (body language, vocal variety, energy)
  • How to structure a presentation or an important message for impact
  • Prepare for an upcoming speaking event

#2 - Workshops


  • $275/individual (1-2 hours workshop)
  • $450/individual (Half Day - 4 hours workshop)
  • $850/individual (Full Day - 7 hours workshop) 

Everything can be customized to your situation and participants. Please contact for more info.  

Speak with Confidence and Impact (1-2 hrs)

Participants will have the opportunity to build a strong foundation, explore new powerful presentation techniques, and venture out of their comfort zone toward public speaking success.

Participants will learn:

  • Confidence - How to connect with others by speaking and expressing oneself with confidence and authenticity
  • Powerful Presence - Command of body language and vocal variety
  • Message Clarity - How to develop the ideas and structure for your presentation
  • Persuasion - Storytelling & language patterns that move the audience
  • Influence - How to build influence and win people over

Virtual Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (1-2 hrs)

The goal of this training is to maximize the way we show up and present online.

  • Participants will learn:
  • Virtual Presence - How to effectively use body language and voice to capture attention and emphasize the message
  • Effective Powerpoint Best Practices - How to make Powerpoint presentations engaging and easy to understand
  • Ease Presentation Nerves - How to increase confidence and gain a sense of calm going into the event // Presentations feel more like a conversation (versus delivering a monologue)
  • Meeting and Zoom Best Practices - How to enhance one's professionalism and feel more authentic as a participant and speaker

Impromptu Speaking & Answering Questions (1-2 hs)

The goal of this workshop is to help participants become pros at speaking off-the-cuff and handling situations when it's not planned.

Participants will learn:

  • Impromptu Speaking - How to handle spontaneity, off-the-cuff moments, and what to do when things don’t go as planned
  • Getting Ideas Across - How to speak with clarity and purpose that will guide decisions and influence the audiences’ thoughts and behaviors
  • Persuasive Language Patterns - Persuade and activate listeners’ minds to support ideas and perspectives presented
  • Self Awareness - Identify communication strengths and pinpoint weaknesses to improve on when speaking off-the-cuff

The Art of Storytelling (1-2 hrs)

The goal of this workshop is to help participants learn how to tell stories and how to effectively use them at work

Participants will learn:

  • The Science of Storytelling - Why stories are so compelling and what it does to the brain
  • Key Elements of Every Story - Participants will learn the core elements that make up a great story
  • How to Use Storytelling to Move People To Action - Participants will learn how to integrate stories into their communication and presentations
  • Different Types of Stories for Different Types of Audience Members - Not all stories are created equal. Participants will learn how to use different types of stories to engage different audiences.

Half Day Public Speaking Workshop Example

The half-day 4-hour public speaking training will be split into two parts:

Style & Delivery: Participants will hone their mindset, presence, and delivery.

Influence & Persuasion: Participants will learn how to make their content engaging, clear, and persuasive.

Example Half-Day Training Agenda (8am-12pm)

8am - 8:10am: Warmup/Icebreaker

8:10am - 9:00am: Mindset & Confidence: Learn how to develop your mindset to speak with confidence and authority

9:00am - 10am: Body Language Secrets + Vocal Power: Participants will learn how to deliver dynamic presentations by honing their body language and voice

BREAK (Might include more depending on how we feel)

10:05am-11am: Speak with Clarity And Purpose: Participants will practice frameworks to speak with clarity and learn how to handle off-the-cuff speaking situations

11am-11:50am: Make Your Message Stick: Participants will learn how to incorporate Persuasive Language Patterns and Techniques to make their content engaging and persuasive.


#3 Retainer Coaching

Investment: $10,000/month

Think of this as an All-You-Can-Eat style for public speaking training. Starting at 20 hours per month, you determine how the hours are used and we'll do the tracking. Any unused hours will be allowed to roll over from one month to the next.

Additional hours may be purchased at any time. All solutions are custom quoted. You can mix + match training types to meet your team's needs.

What services are offered?

  • Workshops (unlimited participants) - Most training services usually charge per participant for workshops and then there's no follow-up. We believe in long-term training, reinforcement, and measuring success.
  • Employee coaching - Employees are looking for one-on-one coaching sessions to hone their speaking skills, shape their message and share their ideas.
  • Rehearsals (For getting ready for the main stage) - I'll help your employees create a memorable presence and deliver their message like professional speakers.
  • Feedback videos for individuals - Often, I'll create feedback videos for individuals and call out their mistakes/improvements along the way.
  • 360 feedback interviews - Depending on the individual, I will schedule Zoom meetings with other colleagues to get feedback for the coachee.

Example 1:

  • 6 hours of workshops/webinars
  • 14 hours of private coaching

Example 2:

  • 2 hours of workshops/webinars
  • 12 hours of private coaching
  • 6 hours of rehearsals (the team is gearing up for the annual event)
  • 2 hours of Zoom planning and meetings with HR and team (NOT TRACKED)

Example 3

  • 15 hours of private coaching
  • 3 hours of 360 feedback meetings with colleagues to get feedback for different coaches
  • 2 hours of creating video feedback for the coachee


  • Additional 10-hour blocks can be added for more training time at $4,500
  • Unused hours are carried over and will be available for an additional month.
  • Please treat me like I am part of the team! I will work with your team to brainstorm or plan out ideas for future speaking development opportunities. This time is NOT TRACKED.

Meet Your Coach - Kit Pang

Kit Pang Photo.jpg

Whether you're looking to help your team with virtual presentations, board reporting, or anything in between... I'm here to help your team excel with their public speaking and presentation skills.

As the founder of BostonSpeaks and a Harvard Business School public speaking coach, I help individuals become exceptional speakers who deliver compelling presentations and speeches.

Quick BostonSpeaks Facts

✔ 2015 - The year BostonSpeaks was established

✔ 308+ - Workshops, events, and gatherings held so far in the City of Boston and online.

✔ 10,247+ - Individuals who've gone through our training and events to become confident and influential speakers.

My experiences include:

✔ Founder of BostonSpeaks

✔ Public Speaking and Communication Coach at Harvard Business School

✔ 3-Time TEDx Speaker Coach

✔ Clients include Fortune 500 CEOs and TEDx Speakers, NFL Players and Three-Star Michelin Chefs, rising leaders and executives from companies like Dell, Delta, RE/MAX, and more.

Let's get started.

-Kit Pang

What Others Are Saying

Read 65+ reviews on Google (Click here)

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"I've done 4 or 5 of these training in my career, by far Kit's training has been the most engaging and beneficial for myself and my team."

-Kevin Powers, Category Director at ASICS

"Kit's training changed me 360 degrees for the better, professionally and at home. You will NOT REGRET IT."

-Vanessa Alejandra Farino, Executive Assistant to CEO, Pixability

"He's a freaking PRO."

- Andrew Yang, Candidate for NYC Mayor in 2021

"Really amazing training on public speaking. He was engaging throughout the program and captivated all our attention."

- Adam Chapdelaine, Town Manager and MMMA President

One of the best investments you will ever make.

Private Coaching - Single Session 1  500.00  500.00
Private Coaching - Five Sessions 1  2,250.00  2,250.00
Private Coaching - Ten Sessions 1  4,000.00  4,000.00
Workshops - 1-2 Hours (Per individual) 1  275.00  275.00
Workshops - Half Day (Per individual) 1  450.00  450.00
Workshops - Full Day (Per Individual) 1  850.00  850.00
BostonSpeaks Retainer (20hrs/per month) 1  10,000.00  10,000.00

Ever thought about the cost of poor presentations?

Microsoft estimates that professionals waste $250 million per day due to poor presentations.

The costs of a poor presentation include:

  • Delayed decisions or no decisions
  • Additional meetings to clarify the issue or make the sale
  • The dollar cost of the poor sales presentations

How do you calculate the cost of poor presentations?

  • Estimate the number of presentations done per week
  • Estimate the percentage of those presentations that are done poorly resulting in more work.
  • Estimate the amount of time spent around clarifying the poor presentation, time spent around the presentation, or time spent getting the initial call.
  • Determine the average salary of the employee


Avg Annual Salary: $50,000 = $25.64 hourly

40 presentations per week X 52 weeks per year X 25% require more work X 10 extra hours required X $25.64 per hour = $133,328 per year (Annual Cost of Poor Presentations)

Next Steps

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Let's make public speaking an asset for

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